About Teddy ‘n’ Tea

This blog is a little challenge I have set for myself. If you’re reading this, it means I have stopped procrastinating!

Why ‘Teddy n Tea’?
Inspiration comes from my kids, as they like teddy bears. While tea is associated with tea-time and my love for desserts and baking.

What’s this blog about?
This blog will probably contain reviews and practical tips that revolve around online shopping, baking and any other hobby I may have.


If you were wondering why I saw this blog as a challenge. I find it scary to bare my thoughts in such a public space.

My older girl stood beside my screen, read these words aloud and it was enough to make my cringe. The very thought of ‘what others are thinking about what I wrote’ is intimidating. And this is a step out of my comfort zone.


Thanks for reading!