Review: (X’mas) Gingerbread Man Baking & Decorating Class at Redman, Star Vista

Daughter cutting out gingerbread man with cookie cutter
Cutting out gingerbread man and other X’mas shapes using cookie cutter

My daughter and I rolled out the gingerbread flavoured dough, cut out shapes using the cookie cutter, and decorated the Christmas-themed cookies using icing and a variety of sugar sprinkles.

Few weeks before Christmas, I spotted this gingerbread man parent-child baking lesson at Redman, The Star Vista for $65 nett. 

Baking class at RedMan star vista studio
Exciting! Colourful sprinkles, gingerbread dough and aprons greeted us at our workstation

This was my first lesson at Redman baking studio, was not sure what to expect.

Similar to Palate Sensations and ABC Cooking Studio, everything was provided 🙂 There was no need to bring apron or containers. The only difference was we had to do the washing up (of used equipments) at Redman.

Due to Covid19 safe distancing measures, class size was kept small at 5 parent-child pairs. I imagine it would be a hassle having to line up (there were only 3-4 taps) and wash various items if the baking studio was full.

As the gingerbread cookie dough has to be rested for 24 hours prior, the instructor prepared it for us. Still, she thoughtfully did a demonstration to show us how it was done.

rolling out cookie dough for gingerbread man
Rolling out the cookie dough into ~5mm thickness first

After watching the demonstration, hands-on lesson began with us rolling out the dough and using the Christmas themed cookie cutter to cut out the shapes.

There were gingerbread man and woman, candy cane, Christmas goodies stocking and Christmas tree.

cutting out shapes using cookie cutter
Cookie making in progress! 

It was a joy watching my girl placing the cookie cutter on the cookie dough decisively to maximise the space and confidently cutting the shapes out. 

Later, she told me this was her favourite part of the lesson. What a surprise! I thought she would enjoy decorating more.

Love this instructor’s class. While the cookies were baking, she gave us 3 baked ones to start decorating so the little ones do not have to wait. She was great with the kids too.

naked gingerbread man yet to decorate
Puffed up baked gingerbread man cookies, ready to be decorated 

The two of us really maximise the space on the baking tray and we had the most number of cookies in the class, hahaha…

decorating gingerbread man with royal icing in piping bag and sugar sprinkles
Royal icing – check. Gingerbread cookies – check. Sugar sprinkles – check.

This was the part of the class I’m looking forward to! 

I have not tried using icing to decorate cookies before and I wanted to learn it.

The icing was made using Phoon Huat’s royal icing mix so all we had to do was add water and food colouring to it. Sounds simple enough. I’ll give it a try at home!

parent child gingerbread man class at Red Man baking studio
Wanted a photo of both of us looking at the camera but this girl refused to stop! Haha.

I was the assistant of the day.

Parent-child class means parent watch, child do, lol. 

As parents, I think sometimes we tend to nitpick on our kid’s work (I do that too!). Over time I realised it made my girls afraid to even try, for fear of making mistakes.

Nowadays, I do my best to hold back. Just like us, kids will get better with practice.

They may have different expectations from us too. We might want them to draw within the lines. To them, perhaps they just want to squeeze in as much colours and rainbow sprinkles as possible on their cookie? 🙂

decorating gingerbread man with sprinkles
Happy girl, decorating her reindeer – I think that’s what it is. The bell cookie was done by me, snowman was her work.

I noticed there are more parent-child classes available during March/June/Sep/Nov/Dec – basically during all the school holiday period. 

That is when I would start to browse the various baking studios (e.g. bakers brew, Tott, RedMan, onepa for community centre classes) for interesting and value-for-money parent-child baking classes.

gingerbread man done!
The final product – gingerbread man/woman, Christmas trees and all things X’mas.

I enjoyed this class thoroughly and would highly recommend it.

The pacing and content is just right.

Kids get to do all the fun things – roll out dough, stamp using cookie cutter, pipe coloured royal icing and decorate using sprinkles in assorted colours and shapes.

If there’s another run in future, snap up the seat fast!

I took 2-3 hours to consider and get my friends on board but the vacancy filled up by then. I was lucky to snag the vacancy the next day.

Or if you don’t mind paying $160-$180, there are parent-child gingerbread house at various places.

simple gingerbread house from crackers
Hehe, my gingerbread house project for 2020.

Gonna embark on an ambitious project in 2021, bake and decorate a gingerbread house from scratch. I have gotten the gingerbread house cookie cutters from Taobao.

For now, this was my creation using Julie’s cracker, icing, M&M’s, hundreds and thousands (that’s the name of the tiny round rainbow sprinkles), coloured sugar and Hup Seng chocolate teddy bear biscuits.

The icing holds up the structure well. It was simple icing sugar with water added bit by bit till the right consistency.

RedMan Baking Studio (nestled with RedMan by Phoon Huat, the Star Vista)
Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-14/15 Singapore 138617
(nearest MRT station is Buona Vista station, closer to east west green line exit)
Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Just sharing my experience in this review. Lesson was paid from my pockets (non-sponsored) 🙂 

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