Review: Learning Taiwanese/Chinese Cuisine at Palate Sensations.

Taiwanese street food : crispy fried chicken (盐酥鸡) and oyster mee sua (蚝仔面线)

When a friend saw the photos of this class that I posted on Facebook, she went ‘AGAIN!?!’ – cue laughters of embarrassment from me. Yes, I’m addicted, lol.

This is my 3rd lesson at Palate Sensations, with chef Low Shih Erh.

Previously, I attended her tze char style seafood cooking class with dishes such as cereal prawn and crab bee hoon (read about it here), followed by another Chinese cuisine lesson featuring beef hor fun and coca cola wings (read about it here).

Some of these dishes became the mainstay of my dinner routine as well as trusted recipes to use when friends/relatives dine at my place.

Ingredients being prepped and organised before cooking

Inadvertently, through these classes, I picked up the habit of organising my ingredients and work space before cooking.  

Now, on to the dishes…

Taiwanese style braised beef noodles (牛肉面)

Yums. The broth was simmered for 2-3 hours and the shin was fall-apart texture. The carrot and radish was flavourful and the soup was very fragrant. 

The (usually) unseen hardwork behind the dish

Some of the tips and tricks we learnt to make a good pot of soup. To bring out the flavour of the ingredients, frying them prior brings home-cooked food up a notch. 

Look at that colour and bubbling!

During this class, chef also taught us to caramelise the rock sugar for a delicious bowl of beef broth. Yums…

One thing I like about Palate Sensations/chef Shih is being able to take photos and videos in lesson. I realised that if I do not recreate the dishes within the same week, I would go ‘is this the correct colour?’.

Before I attempt the dish at home, I like to go through the photos or videos and read the recipe. 

My 6 year old’s favourite dish from the class – braised pork rice (卤肉饭)

Actually… this would have been my girl’s 2nd favourite dish. I am sure she will DEFINITELY love the other dish (coming up next). Problem was, there was none left for dabao, LOL.

This is a simple comfort food for many chinese families.

Exact same bowl of rice as the one above, but taken by a better photographer.
Photo – courtesy of chef Shih

I followed an online recipe once. My husband and kids tried it and agreed in unison that they preferred my mother-in-law’s version.

Her version of this dish is very good. Problem is, everything also go by ‘agak-agak’, which I struggled to learn.

My classmates tucked in first and went ‘wow, very good’. Upon my first bite, I thought it tasted exactly like my mother-in-law’s version, LOL. 

Finally! A recipe I can use to recreate this dish.

Crispy fried chicken (盐酥鸡)

This dish would no doubt have been my kid’s favourite. During my 2nd lesson with Palate Sensations, I learnt a fried chicken cutlet (lemon chicken) dish. Before I could coat the chicken with the sauce, half of it was gone.

After that day, whenever my daughter saw me cooking, she would come over and ask, “is there fried chicken today?”.

This chicken has double coating and it was fried twice. We then got to the fun bit of tossing the chicken with seasoning. 3 of us opted for curry powder based chicken and it was addictive.

Other than the recipe itself, I enjoy cooking lessons because of the techniques (preheating the oil, frying time etc) that I get to experience and hands-on. It shortcut my learning journey in preparing meals.  

Oyster mee sua (蚝仔面线)

I like oyster mee sua from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks and now, I can try making it on my own. The mee sua and broth is yummy. Topped with black vinegar and chili oil. 

To adjust to my family’s taste preference, I’m gonna use shredded chicken with some dried scallop when preparing this at home, .

– – – – –

The class that I took is ‘5 Days Intensive Regional Chinese Cuisine‘.

My classmates took the full 5 modules course and their family love the dishes they prepared on day 1 and 2.

I signed up for a single module at $155, which consists of a 4 hour class – module 3 : Taiwanese (台式). I had a $20 voucher from my previous class, which I presented on the day of the lesson for processing, so this session worked out to $135 🙂

If you’re heading there for lesson, remember to bring your own food containers. I brought 4 for this class, since there were 4 dishes. Apron, pencil and recipe is provided. 

I’m still eyeing another class. Let’s see if I’m going back again 😛 Note to self, should stop browsing Palate Sensations’ website and instagram!

Palate Sensations Cooking School
Address: Chromos #01-03, 10 Biopolis Road, Singapore 138670
(to get to Chromos, alight at Buona Vista station, exit via Circle Line side towards MOE building)
Contact no.: 6589 8843
Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Just sharing my experience in this review. Lesson was paid from my pockets, with a $20 voucher from previous class 🙂 
p.s: some of the photos in this post belongs to chef Shih (didn’t realise some of the photos I took had bad lighting)

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