Got a Free Lesson in ABC Cooking Studio (KL).

Yums! Made adorably round temari sushi in KL. The icing on the cake is that the lesson was… free (using my ABC passport)

Since I was going to be in KL in July, I took the chance to check out ABC Cooking Studio Malaysia‘s locations and menus available. My ABC passport is still valid, hence I try to redeem a free lesson whenever I’m in one of the 8 countries where they are at.

There are currently 2 studios in Malaysia and both are in Kuala Lumpur – in Pavilion Elite shopping mall and Gardens Mall.

Temarizushi caught my eyes with its attractive poster and beautiful temari sushi.

 temari sushi made at ABC studio KL

Did it resemble the poster? My favourite of the lot turned out to be the chicken and kailan mizore (soup).

I was surprised and amazed by the flavour and taste of the soup. I also appreciate the use of vegetables seldom used in my home, namely kailan and white radish.

The star of the menu (temari sushi) was great.

Some photos from the studio:

The studios in KL are pretty much like Singapore’s. There is no need for washing and disposable aprons are provided. 

Previously, I used my ABC passport to redeem a free lesson in Taipei. I had to call the studio in Taiwan 1 month prior to make a booking.

For Malaysia, the booking of the lesson is done online. You’ll get an account after filling up the ABC passport form (scroll right to the very bottom). Afterwhich, you can book the lessons like how we use the Singapore’s online system.  

The lessons are generally vacant, (unlike Singapore’s – probably explains why we have 3 studios and still expanding). 

The retail corner

I got the bread set (priced at RM98 for members) via Funan’s studio opening promotion.

I was eyeing this item (retails close to $120 in Singapore). I’m unable to find such mixing bowls in Phoon Huat or Taobao. The deep and narrow shape of the 2 smaller bowls in this set is a great no-spill mixing bowl for whipping.


ABC Cooking Studio’s entrance (Pavilion Elite branch)
Lot7.102, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

If you have time for shopping or have family going on the trip with you. I’d recommend going to Pavilion Elite. Your family will have no problem spending 2 hours at this mall. The only problem is perhaps getting lost.

The mall is HUGE, with tons of restaurants/eateries and heaps of shopping options from designer to mass market prices.

If you’re heading there for a lesson, check out Miru dessert cafe (Lot 6.35.00, for your easy reference – I had to circle the mall to find it).

Shibuya toast style dessert

crepe cake at Miru dessert cafe

I first had such desserts at After You, Bangkok. Their dessert can’t beat After You’s (in my opinion). I’d recommend going there for a dessert break, if you’re not heading to Bangkok anytime soon.

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