I used $250 of my Skillsfuture Credits to learn tze char dishes at Palate Sensations Culinary School. Here’s how it went.

The star dish of my Palate Sensations lesson. LOVE IT. It looks amazing and taste delicious. Although I hate deep frying, I have made this cereal prawns dish at home countless times – – – it’s that good.

The nondescript entrance to Palate Sensations cooking school

Palate Sensations Culinary School (PS) is situated amongst restaurants at level 1 of Chromos office building (10 min walk from Buona Vista station).

I got to know about PS through a friend. She attended a cake class there and loved it.

After browsing through their website (there are so many categories and lessons), I decided to take up the ‘Foundations of Asian Cuisine – Focus on Seafood‘ ($250) cooking class by Chef Shih Erh. 

Dishes include:

1. Hong Kong style steamed fish

This dish is damn worth learning. My picky eaters love to have the sauce with their rice. They would also eat the fish meat when I don’t overcook it.

You can use seabass for this dish and it’s only $5 at the wet market. It’s great for day-to-day dinner, as well as when guests are coming over.

The secret behind a good Chinese restaurant style steamed fish is the fragrance oil. It is simple, yet makes all the difference in the world.

Making of fragrance oil. Hur hur, hiding magic ingredients. Go learn from Chef Shih 😛 

2. Cereal prawns

I tried using recipes found online to make cereal prawns and failed. Found out through the lesson that the cereal used makes all the difference. This is my personal favourite dish from the course. Love having those crunchy fragrant cereal bits with rice.

Fast, easy and nice. Cereal prawn is now my favourite dish to cook when friends are coming over

3. Crab bee hoon

This crab bee hoon is delicious! Ours is the soupy version, the other 2-3 ladies in the same class chose drier version (gravy only, no soup). I have replicated this at home with prawns instead.

4. Yam ring

Woah, this dish is darn difficult.

Firstly, the yam has to be steamed, combined with vegetable shortening to be shaped into a ring. The prawn, chicken and capsicum are stir fried separately. The ring has to be deep fried at the right temperature to have a beautiful shape.

We accidentally dented ours while frying, that’s why the ring is a bit oval 😛 This dish has the fragrance of five spice powder. I am not sure when I will recreate this dish at home as it is too much work. 

5. Mango sago pomelo dessert

Mango sago pomelo is one of my favourite dessert. The texture can be thick like a paste or watered down, depending on personal preferences. 

The challenge to making this dessert is cooking the sago pearls till they are fully transparent. 

5. Osmanthus jelly with wolfberry

This jelly does not come cheap in Chinese restaurants and eateries. Sheng Kee Dessert sells it at $3.90 for 2.

It is simple and quick to make once you know the tips behind it. The challenge lies in suspending the goji berry in the middle of the jelly and working with jelly (cools and hardens very fast).


This class is a great deal at $250. These 4 dishes + 2 desserts are not cheap at Tze Char stalls and Chinese Restaurants. Go for it if you love these dishes!

With the exception of yam ring, the other dishes can be prepared easily at home. The steamed fish will be a weekly repeated dish on your dinner menu.


Skillsfuture claiming
I paid for the course first and Palate Sensations sent me the link and invoice for claiming 1 week before my lesson. About a week after the lesson, I got the refund to my credit card.

Click here for the full course at $250 (Skillsfuture eligible)

This class is also separated into 2 parts at $140 each (non-Skillsfuture eligible):
Click here for cereal prawn / steamed fish / osmanthus jelly with wolfberry
Click here for yam ring / crab bee hoon / mango pomelo dessert
*for the half-course, dishes are fixed and cannot be changed

Things to note
Bring about 3-6 containers to takeaway the food (depending on how many items you are learning for the day).

Apron, recipe and pencil is provided. 

Chef Shih is generous with her cooking tips and is fine with us taking a video of her demonstration too. This is really cool.
Just don’t post the videos online, as with any cooking/baking classes.

My lesson was on a weekday during office hours and the class was relatively small at 5-6 ladies to 1 instructor.


This review is neither sponsored nor endorsed by Palate Sensations Culinary School. I’m just sharing my experience with them. Hope it helps! 🙂

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