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**Seasonal Trial, from 3 – 31 March only**
Takoyaki Style bread with béchamel sauce, teriyaki sauce and bacon bits
This huge takoyaki is actually a bread! I think the technique of wrapping enclosed filling would be similar to ‘baked meat curry’ (regular lesson). This bread has béchamel sauce and bacon bits, and is drizzled with teriyaki sauce that will be made from scratch. Super worth learning if you ask me. This bread is gonna be popular with kids.

I’m a ABC studio member, email me at to attend trial lessons at $28/pax. I only get to attend the trial class if someone goes with me, while you get to enjoy member referral discount, it’s a win-win situation. Let’s bake together! 🙂

Seasonal menus are announced via ABC Cooking Studio’s Facebook page/website. Lessons for seasonal items are only held during the stated dates (on the poster).

There are 2 types of lessons at ABC Studio – trial lesson and regular lessons (bread, cake, cooking, wagashi, for kids).

Anyone above the age of 9 can attend the trial lesson (if the menu is cooking, needs to be at least 13 years old, according to birthday).
p.s: Check out my review post if you would like to read about trial lessons at ABC Studio.

Baked this ‘Gateau Au Chocolat’ at Takashimaya’s ABC. The center is supposed to cave in, due to the low flour content. It’s normal. My batter folding still need practice – there’s meringue bits on the right side of the cake!


Trial lessons are simpler than the regular lessons to cater to newbies.

Prior to attending baking classes at ABC Studio, I have only baked cookies. I was a total noob at cake and bread making.

I learnt techniques such as whipping egg white to soft peaks, piping, custard cooking and bread kneading by hand.

At my 9th cake trial class, I whipped up the egg yolks faster than the others at the same table.

Despite using the same model of Kitchenaid handheld mixer, and at the same speed, I held my bowl at an angle and moved my mixer, hence my egg yolks whipped up a lot quicker.

It was then that I realised I have picked up a lot of techniques during the trial lessons at ABC Studio.


Proud and happy baker. I baked ‘Gateau Au Chocolat’ at home – looks somewhat like the one I baked during lessons, right?

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The menus below are past seasonal trial lessons by ABC Studio.

Scrolling through the pictures in this section makes me happy. These are food I’ve baked/cooked during previous trial lessons. If you have signed up as a member recently, this post would give you an idea of the type of items in seasonal menus:

Trial lesson menu for Feb 2021:

It was back to classics in February. There was no seasonal trial released.
Ham Mayo Bread and Cinnamon Roll
Ham Mayo Bread and Cinnamon Roll — despite it being my 4th (I think) time attending this trial, I learnt something new. This was the best attempt as there were 3 clear layers for the ham mayo bread.
hamburg steak
Japanese Hamburg Steak — I only got to try this after 2.5 years of being a member at ABC studio! Interesting lesson, picked up some new techniques. When the instructor said we have to brown the flour, I didn’t expect it to be soooo brown. 

Seasonal menu released for Jan 2021:
Oriental Violetta beetroot and purple sweet potato cake for Chinese New Year
Beautiful auspicious looking cake for Chinese New Year. While it looks pretty in red and purple, I’m curious about the taste, haha!

This cake was made by my 10 year old 🙂 It does look pretty with the vibrant purple and red! It was a fluffy castella cake with sweet fruitiness from beetroot crumbles followed by a hint of sliced cheese. 


Seasonal menu released for Dec 2020:
Log Cake Christmas Bake
This was craaaaaaazy impossible to book, lol. Due to Covid19 safe distancing measures and it being December, there were limited slots. I didn’t manage to attend. Here’s a photo of it.

Seasonal menu released for Nov 2020:

Burnt cheesecake is back! My friends went for it and had raving reviews for the creamy centre cheesecake.  I’m also looking forward to the savoury onion bacon bread with clam chowder. Oooo, yummy! 
Manhattan broadway bread and clam chowder soup
There was Kagome vegetable juice in the clam chowder! Interesting to incorporate vegetable juice for cooking. If you think the colour looks more like minestrone too. I packed the bread home and recreated the soup for lunch the next day for lunch, yums.
burnt cheesecake original flavour from ABC Cooking Studio
Thanks to a couple who emailed me, I finally got to attend basque burnt cheesecake 🙂 I love this. It’s rather simple and super yummy – worth baking for the effort vs taste, haha!

Seasonal menu released for Oct 2020:

Oooo! Time to practise some S-piping of the chantilly cream on top of the earl grey flavoured pound cake stuffed with lemon curd. Everything will be made from scratch. Email me if you’re keen to attend! 

Yummy! It isn’t strictly a pound cake and is less heavy. It is even nicer after leaving it in the fridge for a day as the flavour of the tangy lemon curd fused with the earl grey cake cake.  

Seasonal menu released for Sep 2020:

Wreath shaped bread filled with bacon and cheese. The shaping is interesting as it’s done with a pair of scissors.

My daughter is also an ABC studio member and she attended this class with my friend. She always seem satisfied after every baking class, very happy to see that 🙂


Seasonal menu released for Aug 2020:

Apple pie with butterscotch flavour, sour cream filling and almond crumble, using puff pastry.

Ta-dah! It tasted pretty good. I should have been more generous with the puff pastry so it doesn’t shrink so much (that’s the reason for the gap between the pie and the casing). We also made cinnamon sugar tossed puff pastry cracks with the leftover – yummy! 


Seasonal menu released for Jul 2020:

Yummy! Korean style bread with melty cream cheese, butter and garlic center. Here’s a photo of it

Seasonal menu released for Mar-Jul 2020:

Yummy Basque style burnt cheesecake with melty centre. Comes in 4 flavours including original, matcha, cafe mocha and black sesame. Here’s a photo of it

Seasonal menu released for Feb 2020:

This beautiful Swiss roll reminds me of hanjuku roll with its cream filled centre. Raspberry, Sakura jam and yoghurt cream – the combination sounds yummy already!

To be honest, this cake roll isn’t the most photogenic or pretty because of its pale “naked” look. Although the cream may look heavy/jelak, it isn’t. The yoghurt made the cream taste light while the sweetness comes from the thin red lining between the cake (Sakura flavoured raspberry jam). Haven’t done a cake roll in a while. I enjoyed making this yummy cake.

Seasonal menu released for Jan 2020:

This adorable bread is filled with salted egg yolk custard! Shaped in rat and hedgehog design, this is a great trial lesson to learn how to knead a bread by hand (without bread making machine)

This bread was fun to make. The shaping was tedious as we had to round 8 doughs into balls of various sizes.

For the ears, the dough has to be rolled into a rope, twirled into a spiral with the ends tucked beneath to keep it neat and nice.

All that effort was worth it as the bread came out adorable, filled with delicious made-from-scratch custard. I think my drawing deducted marks instead, haha.

My 10-year-old became a member in Dec 2019 and got to join this trial as well 😀


So happy – looking forward to bake together with my girl!

Made in lantern shapes, the highlight of this recipe is learning how to knead bread by hand (without the use of bread maker) as well as the use of natural colouring (beetroot). This bread’s fillings are taro and pumpkin, which is similar to the Chinese’s orh nee, Teochew style yam paste.

The bread is very soft and yummy! It is easy to knead, not too sticky to work with. The Chinese character is written using coffee paste and the white portions are made of a simple sugar cookie dough.


Seasonal menu released for Dec 2019:

Chiffon cake!! This trial lesson is so worth it. Chiffon cake is typically not taught during trial lessons. I’m curious about the Christmas tree piping, like what’s it made of. 

The chantilly cream on this cake is delish. My favourite thus far! The cute trees are made from compound chocolate and colouring.

The Christmas tree is piped on a triangle template over a stick (in the middle). I love the concept of this decoration. It’s great as a DIY activity for Christmas gatherings.

This is a twist on the typical rum fruit cake. Shaped like a Christmas wreath, it’s a chocolate sponge cake with dark chocolate ganache (+ rum) and garnished with fruits, nuts and rosemary. Looks like a pretty Christmas bake.

I find this Christmas wreath very festive and presentable. 100 marks for aesthetics. The chocolate ganache (those lines on the cake) is yummy too, though I find the cake a little dry. This marks my 19th trial menu! Making good use of my ABC Cooking Studio membership, haha!


Seasonal menu released for Nov 2019:After Dark Indulgence
Dark Chocolate Tart, love it! From 15-30 Nov, with member’s referral only

Ta-dah! Sinful dark chocolate tart. So happy, I “fast hand fast leg” booked this trial class. A very pretty and presentable tart for Christmas. 

Pound cake in classic and black sesame (Kurogoma) flavour, topped with milk foam. Adorable snowy mountain look. Here’s a photo of it

This is the first deluxe trial launched by ABC Cooking Studio Singapore. It’s definitely more pricey at $70, unlike the usual trials at $28. This is equivalent to a 3-star regular cake class, in terms of complexity. 

I found the frosting of the cake process very fun. Time to book a cake class that involves frosting!

Seasonal menu released for Oct 2019:
Oct’s trials are relaunch of 2017’s popular trials. Cheese and bacon fondue bread – here’s a photo of it

Royal Pinkalicious cake. Here’s a photo of it 

Seasonal menu released for Sep 2019:
Smoked salmon and edamame pizza, didn’t manage to attend this. Here’s a photo of it

A sinful cake with heaps of chocolate caramel cream (yummy) and chopped hazelnuts

Weee my 2nd trial lesson with someone met through this blog, thank you K and P 🙂 This cake is slightly different from the usual trial lessons as the cake ‘body’ consists of 3 rectangular pieces rolled up.


Seasonal menu released for Aug 2019:    
Royal Roulade is a roll cake with Earl Grey sponge that is filled with strawberry cream and fruits. I didn’t attend this trial, but here’s a photo of it

Hainanese Chicken Rice (p.s: learn to cook rice using pot over a stove, useful skill when living overseas or cooking at Airbnb). I didn’t attend this trial, but here’s a photo of it

Seasonal menu released for Jul 2019:   

Berry Ooh-Lava Cheesecake – available at Takashimaya and Westgate

The lava is concealed within. This cake is sooooo yummy, I recommend going for this if you have a chance to (perhaps also remember to wipe off the water droplets before taking a photo, haha)

This special menu was released to celebrate ABC Studio’s 3rd branch at Funan Centre. I only managed to go for the Hanjuku Cheesecake menu and went for it thrice!! (fat die me…) 

This cheesecake is yummy. It has faint vanilla fragrance with light texture and mild cream cheese taste. It is also addictively jiggly. I am bad with boomerang and the fancy social media stunts, sorry, no gif of it 🙁
You may notice that the top looks darker than the cheesecake in the prior photo. It also has a muffin waist (familiar, hmmm…). This cake was accidentally baked longer than before. Still, yummy and moist though. Sometimes, mistakes makes for great learning experience too!


Seasonal menu released for Jun 2019:   
Battle of the Tomatoes – couldn’t find anyone for this pizza and pasta hence no photos 🙁

Burger for the soul – cooking trial menu (other than the standard Hamburg steak) is very rare, it’s a pity I couldn’t find anyone to attend this lesson with 

Seasonal menu released for May 2019:   
Mothers’ Day special – You Fraise Me Up (12 cm Strawberry Tart)

Attended this trial class with my 9 year old daughter. This tart was made by her

This tart scores high on aesthetics. Recipe is similar to the previous peach tart trial class. I like the cream in this recipe more than peach tart’s frangipane cream. 

Childish banters. We drew on (each other’s) cake box as we left the tarts in the studio’s chiller. 

Seasonal menu released for April 2019:

Berry Cheesy Souffle (fluffy cheesecake with cassis puree) – exclusive to Takashimaya, Orchard studio 

Cheesy soufflé cake at ABC studio

Weee… finally broke my seasonal trial lesson dry spell (thanks to a blog reader) with ‘Berry Cheesy Souffle’. The creamy topping on top is delish, yums. Thank you, Emilyn! 😀

Choco Tiles (chocolate cake filled with walnuts, topped with whipped cream, raspberries and sheet chocolate) – exclusive to Westgate, Jurong studio 
No actual photos – Couldn’t find anyone to go for this menu 🙁

Seasonal menu released for March 2019:
ABC trial lesson Semolina wheat bread
Wheaty Olive Bacon (semolina wheat bread) is exclusive to Westgate, Jurong studioABC trial lesson Nutty Maple Blossom
Nutty Maple Blossom (bread with nuts) is exclusive to Takashimaya, Orchard studio
No actual photos – Couldn’t find anyone to go for these together 🙁

Seasonal menu for February 2019:

Raspberry romance, Feb 2019 trial class at ABC studioNutty Heartthrob, Feb 2019 trial class at ABC studio
Raspberry romance (cheesecake), exclusive to Westgate and Nutty Heartthrob (chocolate cupake), exclusive to Takashimaya, Orchard branch
No actual photos – Couldn’t find anyone to go for these together 🙁

Seasonal menu for January 2019:

Boar’s invasion (bread with creamy curry tuna filling). There was only 1 seasonal menu for January, as this menu was available at both studios
No actual photo – Couldn’t find anyone to go for this together 🙁

Seasonal menu for December 2018:

Angel Berries in Wonderland (vanilla cake with raspberry sauce), exclusive to Westgate

My family’s favourite! There’s raspberry jam (made from scratch) within the layers. I lack experience with cake decorating and cream piping – needed the instructor’s help to smooth sides.

Snow White’s Dome (vanilla cake in dome shape), exclusive to Takashimaya, Orchard branch

This was probably the most challenging cake to shape and decorate. Fun fact – see those metallic pearls? We were supposed to throw it hard so it will be “stuck” onto the cream but it is harder than it looks as the pearls kept bouncing away.

Seasonal menu for November 2018:

Chicken on a Boat (teriyaki bread). There was only 1 seasonal menu for January, as this menu was available at both studios

Yummy! I love teriyaki sauce (with mayo) and seaweed. Bread is best eaten fresh out of the oven (after cooling down)

Seasonal menu for October 2018:
Pumpkin tiramisu (tiramisu with mild pumpkin flavour), exclusive to Westgate

Love this! Made with mascarpone cheese and coffee. The best part was decorating – drawing spider webs with chocolate and piping out chubby whipped cream peaks 

Orange Yogu Blanc (orange yoghurt cream cake – not yuzu!), exclusive to Takashimaya, Orchard branch

Never knew I’d write about ABC Studio lessons, otherwise I would have taken a better photo! This cake was pretty challenging to decorate as the entire bottom and sides (can’t be seen) was lined with oranges.

Seasonal menu for August/September 2018:

Tangy chocolate roll (chocolate roll with orange bits), exclusive to Westgate
Tangy Chocolate Roll at ABC Cooking Studio Singapore
I went for this roll cake class thrice, LOL!! Got a lot of practise with whipping the cream, rolling the cake, decorating and J-folding of the cake batter

Peach Blossom Tart (tart with custard and peach slices), exclusive to Westgate 

I looooove tarts. Love the tart crust as it’s made with honey and butter, smells heavenly
— In August 2018, the studio at Westgate just opened —

Summer Loopies (bread with custard and kiwi/mango), exclusive to Takashimaya, Orchard branch

My very 1st bread!

Seasonal menu for July 2018:

Royal Pinkalicious (raspberry flavour pink cake)
No actual photo – Couldn’t find anyone to go for this together 🙁

Seasonal menu for June 2018:

Melty Cheese Curry Doria (baked rice with hamburg and cheese) 
curry doria rice at ABC Cooking studio
Final photo before this dish goes into the oven 
I signed up for cooking lessons after attending this trial class!

If you want to attend ABC Cooking Studio’s trial lesson with me at $28/pax, email me at (put ‘ABC trial’ as the title of your email) 🙂

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