Photo Spam: My Lessons at ABC Cooking Studio

World Cuisine (March): Popular Ethnic Thai Meal
This menu features Pad Gaprao, Tom Kha Gai and Vietnamese fried spring roll

My 12th cooking lesson! I have some cooking tickets (lucky me!) hence I can still attend cooking classes 😀

Despite basil pork being one of the iconic traditional Thai dishes, I have always avoided it. I never liked the basil taste/smell. It is too strong for me. 

Picked this menu mostly for my husband, who came over to have lunch with me.

The spring roll was fun to wrap and yummy too. My husband and I are not fan of the soup though, both of us prefer green curry and tom yum soup over this.

The instructor shared that typically, holy basil is used. As it is stronger in flavour and also harder to buy, the studio has used sweet basil instead. I like this version better.

Classes I have taken at ABC Cooking Studio previously:

Bread Basic Course:
Graham Nuts

Heard good reviews about this bread. Made from wheat flour and bread flour with pecan, walnut and cheddar cheese kneaded in.

Looking good? This bread has a slight baguette feel to it – hard on the outside and soft on the inside. It is well-received by my family! Heated it up in the oven for breakfast and my girls loved it. This is their favourite bread from those I have learnt so far.

World Cuisine, Malaysia:
Spiced Korean Feast
Attended in Kuala Lumpur (paid RM190 for this lesson) 
I was attracted to the dakgalbi and pajeon in this menu!

Hamuel Pajeon consisting of chives, spring onion and prawns. I have tried recipes from the internet previously, while my Korean pancakes came out crispy, they have never stayed intact. Happy to pick up the way to cook pajeon properly through this lesson!

ABC Studio’s take on namul. Rather surprised to see ‘huai san’ being used here. I’m not a fan of sesame oil (the dressing used for these dishes), hence I didn’t really enjoy these.

Cheese dakgalbi. The usual portion is for 2 pax. I had a “private lesson” (I had a 1-1, as no one else booked the slot), hence the frying pan looks rather empty. This is yummy! 

Whole-meal Cooking (Nov): One-Pot Meal

The website introduced the dishes as blue crab pasta, croquette – say no more, I’m taking this class! A delightful surprise, I initially thought the crab would be crab stick of some sort but it turned out to be half a crab.
Smart cooking, one pot meal
Beautiful plating by instructor Bryan at Funan Mall. Half of the pasta noodle is made from thinly cut carrot. The croquette is my favourite! It consists of minced meat layer followed by sweet potato layer. The salad features burdock, lotus root and yellow bell pepper. Due to a simple neat trick, they have a delightful crunch to it. I love that cooking classes at ABC studio tend to use a wide variety of vegetables in their different classes. This increases my exposure to different vegetables and methods of preparation.

Basic Cake Course:
Mille Crepe

My husband described this as a pile of pratas stacked together, LOL. Guys… I booked this class to learn how to cook the crepe layers as I previously failed terribly on my popiah skin attempt.

Oops, unintended. Looks like Halloween food without a clean cut. There are raspberries in 2 of the layers. The cream cheese filling is yummy. Best served cold.

Basic Bread Course: Coffee Walnut Loaf

Cute swirl pattern composed of plain and coffee bread dough, with walnuts as the topping and filling. 

The menu picture is nicer, isn’t it? LOL. The flavour can be improved as the bread is mainly bitter (from the coffee). Love the crunch provided by the walnut. Happy to learn how to bake bread loaf!

Basic Bread Course:
Baked Meat Curry

Chicken curry filling wrapped in crouton-coated dough

It’s yummy! The filling is made pretty interesting and fragrant. Highly recommend going for this if you like savoury bun. This recipe is flexible as the filling can be easily replaced with anything from egg mayo to cream cheese cranberry.

Basic Bread Course:
Maple Almond
Chose this menu mainly based on the photo, haha.
It is interesting how all 4 of us at the table are doing different bread. Got to see how the olive and onion bread was braided. Also spotted a menu I want to do next. And this should be the last sweet bread I’m taking, discovered my family and I prefer savoury bread.

ABC Best Selection, Malaysia:
Japanese Hospitality with Colourful Temarizushi
Attended in Kuala Lumpur (using ABC passport)

temari sushi made at ABC studio KL
Scored another free lesson using my ABC passport. Since I got a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur’s ABC Cooking Studio in July, I picked this ‘Best Selection’ menu. I was attracted by the temari sushi.
temari sushi made at ABC studio KL
Surprisingly, it was the chicken and kailan mizore soup which won me over. I was surprised and amazed by the flavour and taste. Also appreciate the use of vegetables seldom used in my home, namely kailan and white radish. 

Have replicated their recipe countless times at home. My 9 year-old loves this soup.

Basic Cake Course:

Macaron! It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like macaron. ABC Cooking Studio uses the traditional French methods and techniques to make these pretty ones.
macaron made at ABC Cooking Studio
The 14 pieces of macaron were gone in 2 days, mainly by my kids who proclaim they could not stop eating it. And now… to practise it at home.


Best Selection (May): Sushi Gozen

I love colourful stuff. The cute little sushi totally gets me. Been eyeing this menu since I signed up.

Love this class (darn hard to book). I’ve been making sushi for gatherings, but have never tried temari style. 

By the way, there’s an error on ABC’s website for this menu, the items should be:
* 5 types of temari sushi
* Japanese deep fried kakiage
* Japanese traditional soup
* Sakura madeline

Whole-meal Cooking (March): Late dinner under 500 calories
Late dinner under 500 calories

Oops, left the clam soup out of my photo. The main highlight in this is the sweet spicy beef, pickled cabbage and ginger mushroom. I love colourful meals. This certainly looks like something I’ll make again! 

Japanese Home Cooking (January): The Essential Sukiyaki
Japanese SukiyakiJapanese sukiyaki
Can be done in steamboat too, just what I needed to hear. Made this at home and the kids loved it.

Best Selection (December): Weekend Speedy Cooking in 90 Minutes
ABC studio cooking lesson
Makes for a great low-carb meal and also great as starters and appetisers when hosting friends over

World Cuisine (October): Classic Spanish Meal
Classic Spanish mealSpanish paella, ajillo, carpaccio
yums… I enjoyed this paella class (there’s also carpaccio and ajillo)

Seafood+vegetable overload paella made at home


Taipei SOGO branch (using ABC passport): Halloween
Halloween cooking lesson in Taipei using my ABC passport
Booked a free cooking lesson using the ABC passport when I went Taipei for a holiday. Thought it would turn out lame –  just some fried stuff and mashed potato. Honestly, I was most interested in the popcorn.

BUT… I was wrong, wrong, wrong. The bell pepper rice was delicious. It was quite a bit of work as we had to fry the rice first and make the camembert cheese sauce. Every single dish was great, luckily I chose this menu!

Photo and food display is really not my forte. Recreated the fried rice, popcorn and mash potato at home and they were a hit.

World Cuisine (September) : Taiwanese Delicacies (sheng jian bao, seafood stew)
Taiwanese delicacies
Love that seafood stew (please pardon the photo). Too lazy to make sheng jian bao at home

Japanese Home Cooking (August) : Takoyaki and Yakisoba
Takoyaki takoyaki
bruno hotplate for takoyaki
Takoyaki making in progress. So fun that I was tempted to buy a Bruno. But at close to $180, I’m hesitating.

Takoyaki maker from Taobao under S$20. It had smaller and less holes than Bruno. Very time-consuming. Felt like buying a Bruno hotplate after using this.

Recreated at home. The takoyaki was polished in no time at all!

Ingredients! Tried and tested, Kewpie brand mayonnaise, that lady face Takoyaki sauce, seaweed powder (from Isetan I think) and bonito flakes (just make sure it looks like the type you see on takoyaki)


Best Selection (June 2018) : A Stylish Picnic Lunch to Impress
















My first cooking class with ABC! I love the picnic photo. You can totally tell my love for pretty-looking things. The sushi roll is yummy on its own as it has danmuji and is wrapped in teriyaki-coated grilled bacon. The salad is yummy too, with toasted bacon and a light yoghurt sauce.

Got to try cake classes, thanks to the lesson tickets I received:
Basic Cake Course: Paris Brest

Haha wondering why you’re seeing a cake item? I had a cake ticket, had an agonising time deciding which class to go for.

Settled on this pretty ‘Paris Brest’ in the end. Thought it would be good, as I have never done choux pastry before.


No regrets, it’s sooooo pretty! This cake item is 2 stars (difficulty level). The preparation was OK (cook the dough then whip up 2 types of cream). I find the piping/decoration difficult. Other than that, it’s a pretty straight-forward recipe

Basic Cake Course
: Tartlet au Citron

This tartlet is discontinued, as ABC has refreshed their basic cake course. I can no longer find the usual image, screen-grabbed this from cake course webpage.

Decided to do this item. 

I thought it looks really good! This is one pretty tartlet. It’s filled with lemon curd that’s sweet and sour at the same time. Learnt the technique to make shortcrust pastry and curd cooking in this class.

Makes me really want to top-up for 6 cake lessons! (/edit: I did! haha…)

p.s: Join me for a trial lesson at ABC Cooking Studio (at $28/pax).
Check out this post on trial lesson.

Email me at if you’re keen 🙂 (put ‘ABC trial’ as the title of your email)

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2 Responses to Photo Spam: My Lessons at ABC Cooking Studio

  1. Joanna Chan says:

    Hello, came across your blog and wanted to ask you about the ABC passport in Taiwan. Im going to Taipei next month and I will like to use the ABC passport. However, I heard that lessons cam only be booked via phone. Is that true? Or are there any other ways to secure a slot? Its quite risky as I am afraid slots will be all snugged up before I call the studio at 1130am lol. Thanks

    • Yvonne says:

      Hi Joanna, sorry didn’t see your message earlier.

      To use your ABC passport to redeem a free lesson in Taipei, the only way to book is by giving the specific studio/branch a call. Their branches address and contact are listed here:

      Before calling, I went to their website to check out the menu (, click on either cooking/bread/cake, depending on the package you have in SG).

      I have a date and approximate timing in mind. The receptionist then checked the available classes and made the booking for me. Remember to write down the date/time as there will be no SMS/email confirmation or any reminders.

      I used Skype to make a long distance call about 1 month before my trip.

      My friend said she just call up the Taipei studio on the morning of her trip (don’t know if it’s first day or few days before) and got a lesson, LOL. Sounds easy to get a slot. Don’t think the slots are filled as madly quick as our Takashimaya’s, lol.

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