Review: Trial Lesson at ABC Cooking Studio

Workstation, set-up by instructor and ready to go. There is 1 instructor to each table and maximum of 4 students per table. 

How are trial classes like at ABC Cooking Studio?

  • Individual work
  • Hands-on class (make from scratch)
  • Small class ratio (1 teacher: 4 students)
  • Great for newbies (instructor is present throughout the lesson)
  • Recipe, apron and carrier (for cake baking lessons only) are provided at ABC Cooking Studio.

It’s a fantastic deal as it is only $28/pax (if you attend with me as I’m a member – email me at and you get to bring home what you have made. For cake classes, that is totally a steal.

All lessons (regardless of trial, one-day or regular) are individual hands-on work at ABC studio. Everybody gets their own set of utensil, including handheld mixer, so you get to try out all the steps from start to finish.

Tart baking work in progress
‘Peach Blossom Tart’ – work in progress. Learnt the technique of cooking custard. Love that tart crust!

Peach Blossom Tart trial class work in progress
I did it! Very simple but looks real impressive. The instructor taught us how to slice the peaches and demonstrated how to layer them on a tray. I sliced the peach thick and thin unevenly, haha.

proud baker of 'Blossom Peach Tart'
Proud owner of ‘Peach Blossom Tart’. Made by me!

If you’re wondering if there’s any catch. Yes, there is. Non-members pay $28/pax but can only attend trial lesson ONCE.

‘Summer Loopies Bread’ trial class. I always had the thinking that bread is so cheap ($0.90-$1.50 each), not worth the money learning. But… I am starting to enjoy bread-making.

Despite the lesson being individual work from start to finish, it is suitable for complete newbies with no experience, because an instructor will be there with us to walk us through the recipe and individual procedures.

Before every step, such as J-folding or beating the whipping cream, the instructor will explain how to do it, what are the do not’s or why’s and/or do a simple demo before we start the step.

work in progress - Tangy Chocolate Roll
Work in progress – ‘Tangy Chocolate Roll’ cake trial lesson. Most cakes are genoise sponge types. The bubbles are a good sign. By the way, everyone will get to bring home the nice recipe card (to the right of the sponge cake).

Tangy Chocolate Roll
Ta-dah. Completed product. Oh yes, it’s good to leave your cake in the chiller for at least 30 minutes for it to set. If you want to go and grab a bite or shop around, you can leave your cake at the studio and collect it later in the day.

What to bring for the trial lesson?

  • Bring a pen, for writing notes
  • Bring container, only for bread trial class  —  a plastic is provided but this is my personal preference. Box + carrier is provided for cake and dining-in is required for cooking.
  • No need to bring notebook or apron  —  a nice printed recipe card is provided

Be there on time, lessons begin punctually. When you arrive at the studio, you have to register at the counter (let the staff know your IC number). You will then know your table number.

ABC cooking studio provides apronABC Cooking studio Westgate branch interior environment
That’s the aprons provided during lessons and the cozy studio environment.

My friend calls ABC Cooking Studio a “tai-tai” place as you only need to show up, bake and eat. During the lesson, you only have to bring the utensils etc to the washing area and their staff will do the washing 🙂
p.s: it is not like this at all ABC Cooking studio. In the smaller branches overseas, you will have to do the washing!

Is this post sponsored? Why are you promoting their trial lessons?

This post is not sponsored. The altruistic side to this post is providing information on ABC’s trial lessons (say a friend/colleague asked you along and you’re reading up on it). 

For the non-altruistic side to this post… I’m looking for people to bake with me at ABC studio. Please attend the trial class with me 🙂

I’m a member and I can only attend the trial class if I ask a non-member along. I have ran out of friends to ask along. Since non-members can only attend once, I can’t ask the same friend again – already brought 13 friends there!! 

During the trial lessons, the instructor will introduce ABC’s classes – they don’t hardshell though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to bring my friends along too. 

If you are keen in ABC Studio’s trial class, please attend with me 🙂

If you are keen to attend ABC Cooking Studio’s trial lesson ($28/pax), please email me at (put ‘ABC trial’ as the title of your email) 🙂

I’m keen! Which item are we making?

The menu choice was the thing I was confused about when I wanted to pick a trial lesson.

There are 3 genres of items at ABC – cake, bread or cooking.

Menus available for ABC trial classes

Gateau Au Chocolat (cake), Ham Mayo Bread and Cinnamon Roll (bread) and Japanese Hamburg Steak (cooking) are classic items. These are available all year round.
p.s: Normally, I will just tell my friends to skip choosing these as they are quite basic.

Seasonal menu released for May 2019:    *new release*

Mothers’ Day special – You Fraise Me Up (12 cm Strawberry Tart), available at Takashimaya and Westgate (Jurong) studios

Every month, ABC studio will announce seasonal menus via their Facebook page. These seasonal items are only available during the stated dates.

The photos of the tart, roll cake were from previous seasonal menu, and are no longer available. These seasonal items keep changing and it’s these that got me actively pulling my friends along!

If you are keen to attend ABC Cooking Studio’s trial lesson with me at $28/pax, email me at
(put ‘ABC trial’ as the title of your email) 🙂 

– – –

How did I hear about ABC Cooking Studio?

A friend “clocks in” at the studio weekly, cooking and baking. I heard her saying about some trial class at $28 and thought it was a really good deal. The next time I saw her, I asked to tag along.

We attended the Melty Curry Cheese Doria trial lesson at Takashimaya together. As it was the school holidays, we choose a 10.30am slot on a weekday and the studio was really quiet. Probably only 3-4 tables were occupied in total.

curry doria rice at ABC Cooking studio
that’s before the dish was sent into the oven

ABC cooking studio trial lesson
I think I’ve passed with flying colours, looks like the photo, right?

curry baked rice
My instructor was Ken Yeap and I enjoyed his lessons thoroughly. Highly recommend booking his classes!

… and I was hooked!

I took up 12 cooking lessons (costs ~$1,100). At first, I found it expensive. After attending 12 cake, 2 bread and 1 cooking trial lessons for free, I find it value-for-money, LOL!

Trial lessons are free for members and membership is for life-time. This means… Even after your paid regular lessons are used up, you can still bring non-members along to enjoy free trial lessons!

Curious about the previous trial classes? Here’s a compilation of the previous trial class menus.


One thing to note, ABC Cooking Studio is more suitable for people without dietary restrictions. They do not have gluten-free or KETO type of menus.

The studio is also not halal-certified, as they use pork and alcohol during lessons.

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