ABC Cooking Studio: December Cake Baking Trial Lessons

ABC Cooking Studio Singapore Trial Baking Lesson - Dec 2018 menu

Seasonal trial menu for December 2018 is out!

In line with the festive Christmas mood of December, this month’s trial lessons feature 2 pretty white cakes:
– ‘Angel Berries in Wonderland’ (exclusive to ABC’s studio at Westgate, Jurong East)
– ‘Snow White’s Dome’ (exclusive to ABC’s studio at Takashimaya, Orchard) *scroll down for the photo of this cake*p.s:

Attending the trial lesson with a ABC Cooking Studio member costs only $28, instead of $35. If you would like attend a trial class at $28, email me at 🙂

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Attended the ‘Angel Berries in Wonderland’ cake lesson with my friend at Westgate yesterday evening.

Surprisingly, the studio was really quiet on a Tuesday 7.30pm class. Only 3-4 tables were occupied with cooking and cake class. Weekday 7.30pm slots is usually full at Takashimaya, as it caters to the office crowd.

Attempted an imitation of the poster’s decoration of ‘Angel Berries in Wonderland’.

ABC Cooking Studio (Westgate) branch studio environment
This sight greeted us at 7.30pm! Everything set up and ready to go.

The class is fully hands-on. Everybody has their own set of utensil and KitchenAid handheld mixer for the class.

‘Angel Berries in Wonderland’ is a great cake for beginners.
– Petite,  12 cm in diameter
– Nothing too technical
– Difficulty lies in smoothing out the piped whipped cream on the sides and the top of the cake
– Cake consists of 3 layers of genoise sponge, with whipped cream and raspberry jam in between
– Made from scratch: Cake, whipped cream, raspberry jam
– Suggestions for alternative flavour: switch out raspberry for mango/peach/strawberry

Cake Baking Trial Lesson SingaporeAlmost there! This is before dusting of the snow powder. The texture shows up better here. Pardon the messy background, with half-eaten sponge cake and piping bag.

This is a cake I foresee myself attempting at home. It is not difficult.

Since I have the basic ingredients for cake baking, I only need to buy raspberry and other fruits to try out this recipe.

– – –

Attended ‘Snow White’s Dome’ cake lesson at Takashimaya, Orchard the very next morning!

ABC Cooking Studio Singapore Trial Baking Lesson - Dec 2018 menu

I enjoy 10.15 am lessons the most. The studio is usually quiet (3-4 occupied tables) and I have the whole afternoon left after the class.

And… here’s the cake:

Dome shape cakeOops! I didn’t clean up the cake base before taking photo. This nice backdrop is right at the back of Takashimaya studio. I totally didn’t notice it before.

This cake is more challenging because of its dome shape and icing design. Bakers with frosting experience will enjoy making this cake.

– Petite,  15 cm in diameter (base)
– Challenging to decorate nicely
– Difficulty lies in assembling of the cake and the frosting
– Cake consists of 2 round genoise sponge with whipped cream and diced strawberry layered, with cream cheese frosting on the outside
– Made from scratch: Cake, whipped cream, cream cheese icing

I have almost 0 experience in frosting and found it really difficult to do it to satisfaction. Had to get the instructor’s help, as I was scraping the cake off when I was supposed to add icing to the outside.

Brought this cake for a gathering and everyone liked it.

I’m quite hesitant to try this as I would need to get a number of things. I do not have the mould rings required, nor a suitable bowl to get the dome shape.

This recipe also involves the use of cream cheese, which needs to be used up quickly (otherwise the remaining unused cheese gets mouldy fast).

Nevertheless, this is a fun cake to make. You will have to throw the metallic pearl beads onto the cake to make it stick. I tried it and the beads bounced off. It was hilarious. Great for de-stress. After accidentally throwing my beads everywhere, I gave up and simply pushed the bead onto the icing.


Looking forward to January’s trial class!


– This post is not sponsored –

As a ABC member, I get to attend trial classes for free (unlimited). The catch is I have to bring a non-member in order to attend trial lesson.

Non-members can only attend ABC cooking studio’s trial lesson once.

You only have to pay $28 to attend the trial lesson with me (it’s cheaper with member referral). Email me at to arrange 🙂

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