ABC Studio’s Trial Lesson Menu

**Newly released for 3-31 Nov 2020 only**

Burnt cheesecake is back! My friends went for it and had raving reviews for the creamy centre cheesecake.  I’m also looking forward to the savoury onion bacon bread with clam chowder. Oooo, yummy! 

I’m a ABC studio member, email me at to attend trial lessons at $28/pax. I only get to attend the trial class if someone goes with me, while you get to enjoy member referral discount, it’s a win-win situation. Let’s bake together! 🙂

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Photo Spam: My Lessons at ABC Cooking Studio

World Cuisine (March): Popular Ethnic Thai Meal
This menu features Pad Gaprao, Tom Kha Gai and Vietnamese fried spring roll

My 12th cooking lesson! I have some cooking tickets (lucky me!) hence I can still attend cooking classes 😀

Despite basil pork being one of the iconic traditional Thai dishes, I have always avoided it. I never liked the basil taste/smell. It is too strong for me. 

Picked this menu mostly for my husband, who came over to have lunch with me.

The spring roll was fun to wrap and yummy too. My husband and I are not fan of the soup though, both of us prefer green curry and tom yum soup over this.

The instructor shared that typically, holy basil is used. As it is stronger in flavour and also harder to buy, the studio has used sweet basil instead. I like this version better.

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So I Spent my Valentines’ with my Friend + BRUNO + Palate Sensations.

Chargrilled Chicken Kebabs, kuih dadar, Thai style meat balls – yums!

Came across BRUNO x Palate Sensations 1 + 1 cooking event for Valentines’ at S$50 and I was like what?!?! Count me in!

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Review: Learning Taiwanese/Chinese Cuisine at Palate Sensations.

Taiwanese street food : crispy fried chicken (盐酥鸡) and oyster mee sua (蚝仔面线)

When a friend saw the photos of this class that I posted on Facebook, she went ‘AGAIN!?!’ – cue laughters of embarrassment from me. Yes, I’m addicted, lol.

This is my 3rd lesson at Palate Sensations, with chef Low Shih Erh.

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Got a Free Lesson in ABC Cooking Studio (KL).

Yums! Made adorably round temari sushi in KL. The icing on the cake is that the lesson was… free (using my ABC passport)

Since I was going to be in KL in July, I took the chance to check out ABC Cooking Studio Malaysia‘s locations and menus available. My ABC passport is still valid, hence I try to redeem a free lesson whenever I’m in one of the 8 countries where they are at.

There are currently 2 studios in Malaysia and both are in Kuala Lumpur – in Pavilion Elite shopping mall and Gardens Mall.

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Take My Money ($250)! Back to Palate Sensations’ with Chef Shih!

Stuffed Capsicum with Black Bean Sauce – Ooooo, heavenly taste! 

This dish captivated me. I was not familiar with black bean sauce since my mum and mum-in-law do not use this ingredient. It was delicious.

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I used $250 of my Skillsfuture Credits to learn tze char dishes at Palate Sensations Culinary School. Here’s how it went.

The star dish of my Palate Sensations lesson. LOVE IT. It looks amazing and taste delicious. Although I hate deep frying, I have made this cereal prawns dish at home countless times – – – it’s that good.

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Review: Taking up Cooking Lessons at ABC Cooking Studio.

ABC best selection menuBest selection, picnic lunch to impress
This was my very first regular cooking lesson at ABC studio!

For cooking classes, you can choose from 4 menu:

  • Japanese home cooking
  • World cuisine
  • Best selections (exclusive to Takashimaya, Orchard)
  • Whole-meal cooking (exclusive to Westgate, Jurong)

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Review: Trial Lesson at ABC Cooking Studio

Workstation, set-up by instructor and ready to go. There is 1 instructor to each table and maximum of 4 students per table. 

How are trial classes like at ABC Cooking Studio?

  • Individual work
  • Hands-on class (make from scratch)
  • Small class ratio (1 teacher: 4 students)
  • Great for newbies (instructor is present throughout the lesson)
  • Recipe, apron and carrier (for cake baking lessons only) are provided at ABC Cooking Studio.

It’s a fantastic deal as it is only $28/pax (if you attend with me as I’m a member – email me at and you get to bring home what you have made. For cake classes, that is totally a steal. Continue reading

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ABC Cooking Studio: December Cake Baking Trial Lessons

ABC Cooking Studio Singapore Trial Baking Lesson - Dec 2018 menu

Seasonal trial menu for December 2018 is out!

In line with the festive Christmas mood of December, this month’s trial lessons feature 2 pretty white cakes:
– ‘Angel Berries in Wonderland’ (exclusive to ABC’s studio at Westgate, Jurong East)
– ‘Snow White’s Dome’ (exclusive to ABC’s studio at Takashimaya, Orchard) *scroll down for the photo of this cake*p.s:

Attending the trial lesson with a ABC Cooking Studio member costs only $28, instead of $35. If you would like attend a trial class at $28, email me at 🙂

– – –
Attended the ‘Angel Berries in Wonderland’ cake lesson with my friend at Westgate yesterday evening.

Surprisingly, the studio was really quiet on a Tuesday 7.30pm class. Only 3-4 tables were occupied with cooking and cake class. Weekday 7.30pm slots is usually full at Takashimaya, as it caters to the office crowd.

Attempted an imitation of the poster’s decoration of ‘Angel Berries in Wonderland’.
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